Sunday, July 31, 2011

Defining Simplicity

Webster’s Universal Dictionary defines simplicity as  1. the quality or state of being simple, 2. the absence of complications. I decided that since I’m attempting to cultivate simplicity I’d better define it for myself so I’ll have some ideas of what I might want to do and of course so I know if or when I’ve achieved what I’m looking for. Looking at the above definitions I’m not sure I like number 1 – if I choose to pursue that particular definition it sounds like I’m aiming to be stupid – my apologies if that’s not politically correct or if I’ve offended anyone, but as mentioned, this is about me after all. I like the second definition, it sounds like what I’ve been thinking about, perhaps even what I’ve been aiming for without defining it specifically.

Simplicity then to me is about a life with no drama and no B.S., a life in which I will enjoy my family and friends, nature and the small things that we all usually take for granted. I will notice the gentle breeze while I sit in my favourite lawn chair and the fragrance from my roses as I walk by. I will notice when I get all green lights the next time I’m running late. I will laugh without restraint the next time I see a funny movie, I will cry with abandon the next time I feel like it and I will do my best to share these moments with the people I love.

Simplicity and the quality of inner peace seem to go hand in hand in my life and for a long time now I’ve been nudging my life along a simpler course unintentionally. It feels good to know that I was instinctually heading in the right direction all along.  I want to make sure I take the time everyday to appreciate life’s smaller things. I am so grateful for the beauty in every day moments and my ability to see and appreciate them.

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