Wednesday, July 27, 2011


‎"Imagination is the eye of the soul" - Joseph Joubert

I came upon this quote this morning while drinking my tea and getting ready to start my day and it stayed with me while I wandered my little slice of paradise with my dogs and my camera. When my husband Jon and I first came to this place this time last year I have to admit he saw far more here than I did. Almost immediately he could imagine us living here for the rest of our lives, he had our roots established before we even put in an offer. I didn’t see it.  I saw the place for what is was; a bank owned, vacant and run down farm on a beautiful property very close to the city. Jon fell in love and I saw a beautiful driveway lined with trees (and that’s all).

Jon’s imagination is one of the most beautiful things about him and one of the things that drew me to him right away. At first I saw things through his eyes that I couldn’t see through my own. He sees things exactly as he’d like them to be and his enthusiasm is contagious. I’ve learned so much in these last year’s about freeing my imagination and just letting it be. I now know how much I can learn about myself when I’m not afraid to let my imagination run wild. It’s there and maybe only there that I can be myself and have all the wonderful things I dream about.

This brings me full circle back to the above quote. While out for my morning meander I was letting my mind wander and it found its way to my little building (as we call it here) and I envisioned what a wonderful cozy little spot it could be for me. Just for me. I saw the little log cabin fixed and finished with a tiny woodstove and me creating any number of things in it. I could clearly see myself in there with my puppies at my feet writing my best seller,  drawing and painting, working on my photos, carving that horse I’ve been thinking about for years.  Imagination is a wonderful thing; thank you Joseph Joubert for bringing it to my attention this morning. 

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