Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Cell Phones

I thought today I would share something a little different and maybe even a little light hearted. Jon, Bradley and I have been with the same cell phone provider for far too long. Our plan sucks, the customer service couldn’t be any worse and all our phones need to be replaced. Did I mention how bad the customer service is? Now, I don’t really want to mention any names (Rogers) but we’ve put up with them long enough. We’re due to change plans/providers any day now and I can’t wait. However, with that said you’d think it would be easy to find our next provider, but no...wait, that’s more like BUT NO! Every person I have spoken to thinks their provider and/or phone is the best – the answer to every cell phone question, admittance into cell phone heaven. I need help!!

Shane and I went to Best Buy this morning in an effort to see the phones all together and see if I could narrow the search down any. I only ended up more confused than I was before I started.  I should probably clarify something here – Shane isn’t a lot of help; he’s an Apple fan through and through so when I ask his opinion I might as well be speaking to Steve Jobs, I mean Tim Cook. The sales people are no different. They all have whatever phone they use and the entire world should use the same one.

This is pretty easy for Jon and Bradley. Bradley has an iPhone and will continue with one, Jon just wants a basic durable phone that he won’t break within the week. It’s me. I’m the problem. I don’t know what I want. Help!!

“It’s only a cell phone, get a grip Lynne” this is what goes through my head regularly. In fact it’s been my constant companion for a couple of months now. There are simply too many choices. If I went to the store and there were 3 to choose from I could figure it out; but there were 49 different options this morning. How is anyone supposed to choose from 49 different phones?! So logic tells me if I could settle on what platform I’d like I’d have far fewer to choose from and it would be easier to get the right one for me. So far this hasn’t worked for me; did I mention that every time I ask a salesperson a question they answer by telling me what they use regardless of what the question was?

Any day now I have to have the answer to which phone will I pick. Will it be an Android, a Blackberry or and iPhone? Maybe it won’t be a Smartphone. Are the regular phones called dumb phones now? Maybe if I could answer that question I could figure it all out, but then again probably not. 

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