Thursday, August 4, 2011

Flying Flower Blossoms!

There once was a little girl of about four years old; she wasn’t wanted by her family and she was as aware of that as a small girl can be. It made her sad and lonely and she often spent time alone. This little girl felt safest alone, although she wouldn’t have known that was what she was feeling, or why she kept running away; all she knew was that when she was alone she felt like she was OK. One day there was a big fight in the house she called home and it scared her so much she didn’t know what to do so she ran far away.

This little girl didn’t know what was going on while she was gone. She couldn’t have known that the people she lived with – her Nanny and Pappy were crazed with worry or that they looked and looked for her every where they thought she might be. She didn’t know that they called the police and that they sent out a search party looking just for her. Maybe if she’d known what was going on in her absence she might have come home, but since she didn’t know she didn’t come home.

The hours passed and continued to pass with her grandparents going mad with worry, but the little girl was content where she was. She had come to her most favourite and happiest place ever; the place where she always felt safest. Her Nanny should have known where she was but in her panic it never occurred to her that her baby girl was in the apple tree in the backyard.

Darkness started to come and with it flutters around the little girls head that she assumed where the nasty bugs that always bothered her at this time of the evening. She swatted and swatted some more and wished that they’d just go away and leave her alone. The fluttering continued with increasing intensity and finally the little girl paid attention to what was going on around her.  There were these tiny little things flying around her and clearly vying for her attention. There should have been flowers and flying around her should have been bees but they weren’t flowers or bugs they were the tiniest little ladies with wings. Flying flower blossoms! What was going on? The little girl remembered all the books about fairies that her Nanny had read her and realized that she was surrounded by them. Fairies everywhere around her all trying to get her attention! What a wonderful feeling; for the first time in her short life she didn’t feel alone.

A day or so passed and the little girls’ grandmother came into the back yard crying because she missed her little girl so much and when she heard her Nanny’s sorrow she climbed down out of the tree and ran to her for a hug. “Nanny, Nanny – there are fairies in the tree and I saw them; they’re my friends!”
“Of course they are my baby girl. I love you so much, I’m glad you’re safe”. 

And the little girl lived as happily ever after as any one ever does. Until this day she believes in fairies and magic. Do you believe in magic?


  1. Oh my gosh!! That just about made me cry! Such a beautiful story, so poignant. Hope she still sees and hears the flying flower blossoms!

    1. She does occasionally...not as often though.