Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Joy Filled moments

Joy is easy for me. I love small simple moments, and because I’m aware of what makes me happy I tend to experience joy filled moments regularly. I love one single blossom, rainy days, conversations with Shane about physics and the meaning of life. I love sitting in silence with Jon while we listen to the trees and the birds on a quiet evening, listening to Bradley play his guitar, or tell me about his day, watching the girls romp around the yard. I enjoy a nice meal with a cool glass of wine, a single scoop of cotton candy ice cream, a good book. My heart soars when I hear any one of my guys laugh out loud and it’s even better when they’re all sharing a joke. Hanging my laundry out on the line on a bright sunny day, a cup of tea to start my day or petting Hunter when I’m upset all bring comfort and I believe that comfort is the partner of joy. We experience one and then the other, and it’s the combination of these feelings that we label as joy.

I think we all have moments of joy if we can slow down enough to recognise them when they’re happening. For me I know its joy when I have this wide open expansive feeling in my chest and when I can’t help but smile (or cry).  There have been many times in my life when joy moved me to tears. I’m an emotional woman and although at times it can be a pain in the ass I’m glad I’m made this way. While the ability to feel deeply can sometimes make my anxiety or my moments of sadness worse it also makes my moments of joy intense and that’s an incredible thing I’m always grateful for. We need the sadness to experience the joy; we can’t have one without the other. I believe joy can’t be found without knowing ourselves and without looking for it. Every day I thank God that I’ve discovered so many things that make me joyful and I look forward to learning how many more things will bring me joy in the future. Joseph Campbell tells us to “follow our bliss” and that works for me!

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