Sunday, August 14, 2011

Lazy Sunday Afternoons

Is there anything more enjoyable than a lazy Sunday afternoon? I spent the afternoon going to the ice cream shop with Jon and Bradley, helping Jon with one of his crazy ideas and lounging in a long hot bath and now I’m sitting here hoping that if I sit here long enough someone else will present me with dinner. is good!

"Leisure does a body and soul good", is a German saying and my motto for today. I’m taking a Sabbath; we all should from time to time. Remember the days before Sunday shopping when Sunday was really a forced day off? I realize I’m aging myself when I say this but I can remember a time when pretty much everything was closed on Sunday. There was no shopping, no groceries, no doctor visits, no banking – can you imagine – you can now bank on a Sunday if TD is your bank of choice?

While it’s only my humble opinion I’m going to say: our little corner of the world was better and easier when we all had a day off each week – the same day off each and every week. It was better for families because there was nothing else to do but be home together. Mom didn’t work at the clinic and Dad at the Bakery. Sunday was a day for family get togethers and Sunday dinners. I guess I’m old fashioned. I believe that Sunday’s should be sacred – bring back the Sabbath. A lazy Sunday family is a family that stays together!

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