Tuesday, August 23, 2011


"I've been following your blog from "In the Beginning" and have enjoyed your way with words.  Your themes have given food for thought and the pictures are appropriate and amazing.  "Simply for Today" is now one of my ways of finding nourishment."

This is the amazing comment I got yesterday from my Mother-in-law Dorothy. She's been having some difficulty getting her comments to register so she decided to send it to me via email - and am I ever glad she did. I was having a difficult day yesterday and I was in need of all the love I could get. Dorothy came through for me like she always does.

Have you ever met a person who makes you feel like your best self? A person who no matter what, you know they will always be there for you? A person who without saying so manages to let you know that they love and accept you unconditionally? I'm fortunate to have that incredible person in Dorothy. When I met Jon years ago he said the most wonderful thing to me when I was crabbing about not getting what I needed from my own family; he said "You can share mine". He meant it! I don't think he thought much about what he was saying and I'm pretty sure he didn't mention it to his Mom but that's exactly what's happened over the years we've been together. Jon has shared his mother and his family with me and I'm so grateful.

Dorothy is both second Mother to me and best friend. She's kind and loving and the most generous person I've ever known. Between her and Jon's dad Ron I've lucked out in the in-law department. I wanted to acknowledge them both but in particular my special relationship with Dorothy. When you meet a soul mate the only thing you can say is Thank you. Thank you Dorothy for being exactly who you are, you are sunshine to my soul.

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