Wednesday, August 31, 2011


I’ve been thinking and writing about family a lot lately. If you’ve been reading regularly you know that I’ve had some major changes in that department recently between the loss of my Dad and the addition of a new brother. Today it occurred to me that not all of the changes have been big, I’ve had one subtle change also. Shane and his long time girlfriend Teal broke up a few weeks ago. 

I think I’m pretty easy going when it comes to my children’s friends. It’s very simple - they are always welcome. I have only one rule and I know Shane and Bradley tell anyone they bring home about it. Manners are expected and enforced here. Always. I’m not sure how Shane brought it up to Teal that I was picky about manners but the first time we met she told me I didn’t need to worry because she felt her manners were very good; and she was right.  I tell this story to illustrate what a great start we got off to. Over the four years of their relationship we’ve gotten to know each other pretty well and I can’t even begin to tell you how different we are. The one thing we’ve always had in common is how much we love and accept Shane – well that and a crazy obsession with nail polish. Teal brings out my girly side and we laugh about it regularly. She insists that I’m more girly than I let on. I don’t think so but it gives us a chuckle.

I remember hearing from people over the years that you can’t pick your children’s friends or partners so it’s a bonus that I enjoy Teal and have always been happy to have her around because I can’t say that about all the people that the boys have brought home.

We don’t always see eye to eye and every now and then we get annoyed with each other but I never worry too much about it because isn’t that the way families are? I can’t tell the future for Shane and Teal but what I can see is that Teal will always be welcome in our home as part of our family. How we interact may change in time but I know for sure I will always consider her family.

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