Friday, August 12, 2011

What Astro is Teaching Me

As I was wandering through the paths in my front field watching the dogs this morning it occurred to me how many things I can learn from our puppy Astro. I feel as though I need to preface this by saying that I’ve had many puppies over the years but none quite like this one. She’s a lab mix – which translates into part German Shepherd, part Golden Retriever, part Black Lab and there must be some Husky in there also because of the way she ‘talks’ to us ALL THE TIME. But with all that said she’s a lab through and through.

We have paths mowed through our front field and while I’m walking along the path Astro is bounding through the tall grass and wild flowers without giving a thought to following a path. She’s just following her instinct to have fun and do what feels good without worrying about anything. She sees a butterfly and off she goes chasing it without looking back to see if it’s OK. She and Meg have a little growl fest with each other and it doesn’t faze her in the least. She jumps on Hunter in invitation to play and gets no response. She knows that next time they meet everything will be fine anyway because she doesn’t take it personally.  In my puppy’s world shit happens and it’s all OK. Astro is always in the present moment – it’s all that exists for her and she’s happy about that. She lives for mud puddles, pizza crusts and long lazy naps in the shade.

Watching her I learn to be fearless, to pursue what makes me happy. I learn to be in the moment and to relax. I learn that I don’t have to get along with everyone all the time and I see that if I look for fun I will likely find it. Sounds like a pretty good way to be... and since it's Friday, I think I’ll follow Astro lead and see where it takes me. Here's to a fun filled day.

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