Tuesday, September 27, 2011

First Frost

I walked around the yard and garden for the first time since we had frost last week. As much as I enjoy the Fall I really hate seeing my garden slowly but surely dying off. The morning glories in the main garden were done immediately, as were the tomatoes. I still have a few morning glory stragglers left in the bed beside the house. I’m not sure if the frost has gotten most of them or if it’s Astro running through the bed that’s killed almost everything in it. I guess next spring I’m going to have to fence all the gardens. I’ll think about that through the winter.

With the nice weather winding down I’m taking a few minutes every morning to wander a little with the girls and my camera to see what I can see. This morning I came upon a few weary flowers and a mini visitor who decided to let me take a few pictures of him. A few minutes admiring the ‘wild life’ is important to me knowing that soon the only animals we’ll consistently  see around here are the turkeys and the Canadian geese munching on what’s left of the corn once the field has been harvested.

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