Tuesday, September 13, 2011

My Love Affair with Books

“I’ve always imagined that Paradise will be a kind of library.” – Jorge Luis Borges

I’ve been reading for 38 years now. I’m so grateful to have been introduced to reading when I was very young. I’ve been madly in love with books for as long as I can remember and apparently since before that. My grandmother used to tell me that while some kids slept with teddy bears or dolls I’d sleep with my favourite books. I would curl up with them just like any other child would with a stuffy. Not much has changed; except now if I’m sleeping with a book it’s because I fell asleep reading J!

I love old books, new books, picture books and novels. I love big books and small books and everything in between. I love the way an old well read favourite feels just as much as I love cracking open a book that no one has opened before me. I’ve read ones that have changed my life, or moved me to tears, I’ve read ones that I’m not sure why they were published and I’ve loved them all. If you read my profile you’ll know that I have about 3500 of them and counting. With complete honesty I can say that my life would not be the same if not for books and reading. Too many books, too little time feels like my motto.

I can look at my books shelves and many of them bring back wonderful memories. I have several of my childhood favourites, many of my children’s favourites. I have at least a few from almost every phase of my life. Parenting books, computer books, Nora Roberts novels, art and craft books, fitness and nutrition etc, etc. I can see the evolution of my life by looking at my book shelves and it’s a wonderful feeling to see all the things I’ve been interested in over the years.

Some books offer information, some offer inspiration, some offer humour and some offer comfort but without them my life would be radically different. I would probably have a few more pair of shoes or more clothes but I know I wouldn’t be the same without my books.....they are well and truly the best friends I’ve ever had. It’s unfortunate that my boys didn’t get the bug because reading has been such a gift to me and it’s enriched my life in ways I can’t describe. With that in mind I’m going to start talking about some of the ones I’ve read over the years and ones that I’m currently reading. If you’re a reader and book lover there are many great websites to check out.  One of my favourites is www.shelfari.com, it’s a social media site dedicated to reading, readers and books. If you’re on it already check me out (Lynne W) and if not, I invite you to join me there. I’ve managed to get about 500 of my books listed so far and eventually I hope to get them all listed. Happy reading!

 “I cannot live without books.” – Thomas Jefferson

 “If a book is worth reading, it is worth buying.” – John Ruskin

BTW – here’s a look at a few of the titles I’m currently enjoying.

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