Monday, September 12, 2011


Yesterday didn’t go as planned and I found myself with an unexpected afternoon to myself. Bradley’s football game was forfeited by the other team so rather than a Sunday afternoon at the field I had a Sunday afternoon to do with however I pleased. Bradley and a friend were watching football and Jon was doing yard work so I decided it was far too beautiful a day to waste. I took my camera and headed off on a mini adventure. I ended up at Purdon Conservation Area which is part of The Mississippi Valley Conservation Authority.

Although I spend most of my time alone I very rarely take time just for me. I spend my days at home alone with usually just the dogs for company but I’m always doing the things that need to be done. I’m fortunate that I can take a walk at mid-day or garden if I feel like it, but for the most part my days aren’t spent doing things just for me. What a treat yesterday was! Just the drive alone was wonderful. It’s so cliché, but being out alone with just my thoughts for company and enjoying the sun and the wind while driving was so relaxing.

Purdon is famous for its wild orchids that bloom in June and early July with many people heading that way to see them, but by this time of year the area is pretty quiet. When I got there the only people around were a young couple and their little girl. Lillian chatted my ear off for a few minutes but soon she and her family went off in one direction and I went off in another. My home is pretty quiet most of the time; I don’t regularly watch TV or listen to the radio and we’re about 1000’ from the road so the only thing I consistently hear are the birds, but it’s nothing like being out in the bush alone.

After walking along the path for a few minutes I sat on a bench and let my mind wander. Between the dappled sunlight, the fallen logs and all the moss it’s a very magical place. I saw an old stump that looked like a fairy castle and I let myself dream for a few moments about what might be happening in the stump as I sat and watched. I could all but hear my grandmother laughing and telling me what a vivid imagination I have. The silence was stunning, and in that moment I felt what we all search for – for a brief second I could feel the divine. We all find it in different ways and at different times and yesterday I found it for a moment while dreaming of fairies in the silence.

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