Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Berry Delicious Girly Moment

It doesn’t happen very often that I experience a girly moment....unless of course you count the times that I’m yelling for Jon or Bradley to kill a bug.

Sunday afternoon while Jon and I were trying to waste some time waiting for Bradley’s football game to start we went shopping for a pair of slippers for Jon. I hate shopping. I don’t like grocery shopping or clothes shopping or Christmas shopping. Somehow the shopping gene missed me and landed in both my boys.

We’ve looked almost everywhere for slippers that my big footed picky husband will wear and he suggested Payless Shoes. I’m not sure I’ve ever been there before but I can tell you for certain I will be there again! I walked in the store and the very first pair of shoes I saw I loved....I might even have let out a little girly squeal I loved them so much.

Not only were they my size, they were on sale too! Since Sunday I’ve had moments of being so incredibly happy to be a woman; there just might be more shoes in my near future. Now I just have to get Jon to take me some place nice so I can wear them. Check these babies out!!

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