Thursday, October 20, 2011

Early Morning

It’s early; the house is quiet inside and the wind is howling outside. I’ve just stoked up the fire and the dogs are lying at my feet. It’s peaceful here right now. Before the day starts and life takes over I have a few minutes to just be with the silence.

These are the moments I live for. The stillness within me and the matching stillness of my home this morning help me realize that it’s ok to just be. We live in such crazy busy times all we really need from time to time is to balance the craziness with some still quiet time.

In my life I’ve discovered lots of ways to allow myself stillness. The fire often helps but so does walking the girls through the field, taking my camera out and looking for a particular shot. I love deer, and I find watching them brings an inner stillness. When the boys were little and I could still read to them, in that moment just before sleep the stillness and joy were always palpable.

I’m sure we all have moments of stillness and silence in our lives no matter how busy they feel. It’s just a matter of recognising them and then of making them our own. Once we notice how a moment can change us it becomes easier to pay attention. Paying attention to our lives is the only way we can live moment at a time.

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