Friday, October 14, 2011

Pet Peeves

Pet peeves are like opinions – we all have a few of them. I will admit to quite a few.

Let’s start with the simple ones. What’s with men who wear capris? I mean is that a good look on a guy anywhere? People who wear floods drive me nuts; especially women who wear really high heels and feel the need to show us their shoes. Pants should cover your socks, your ankles,  a good portion of your shoes and if you’re wearing heels most of the heels too. Pinky rings on a man – I can’t stand them. I have no idea why, they just bug me. Why do so many people miss use the word ‘are’? Are and our are not the same word – nor are they interchangeable. For example: 'are you coming over to our house?' is the correct way to use them. It’s not: 'are you coming over to are house?'!

Now, my big pet peeves. People who can’t or won’t take the time to spell people’s names correctly – for example: my name is spelled Lynne...not Lynn; Jon’s name has no ‘h’. Why can’t people pay attention? Manners; or rather lack of them, crappy customer service and people who say they’re going to do something and don’t follow through. If you’re not going to do something don’t say you are, if you do say you’re going to do something – to quote Nike “Just do it”. I will likely feel the need to expand on a few of these, but for now let’s keep it very simple....

If you’re a man, don’t wear capris.

Make sure your pants are long enough.

Leave all pinky rings in the jewellery box.

Use are and our properly.

Take the time to check the spelling of people’s names.

Have some manners!

If appropriate, give excellent customer service.

And most importantly....

If you say you’re going to do something – just do it!!

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