Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Misty Morning

It’s a misty morning here today and it makes me feel all cocooned and cozy sitting here in the kitchen beside the woodstove. I like days like today; days where I have nowhere to be and nothing pressing to do. I can putter around the house and the yard to my heart’s content.

I was supposed to be off this morning to my brother and sister in law’s place to have tea and talk shop but my car broke down yesterday so I’m stranded for a day or two until Jon can get it fixed. Although I was annoyed about it yesterday, today I’m going to take as a sign to relax a little and enjoy the solitude.

I’ve already had a few moments of joy this morning. I had a little walk around the yard with the dogs and my (newly repaired) camera, I hung out the laundry and pondered how much longer I’ll be able to do it this year and I watched the chick-a-dees at the bird feeder.

Right now I’m going to enjoy another cup of tea in my rocking chair by the’s going to be a good day J

The view out my front door this morning
and in the other direction....


  1. Your day sounds like a lot more fun than mine! Wanna switch? Today I woke up at 3:00am, drove to Toronto, had a physical, had blood taken, and then drove back. Not exactly a relaxing day! Although there was nice mist on the drive there. :P

  2. I haven't managed to do anything yet today...I think I'm taking it too easy!

    I'm glad you had a physical :-)