Tuesday, November 22, 2011

November Beauty

I’ve heard November described as ugly, blah and grey. That’s not what I saw this morning on my tour around the yard. The beauty in my own yard moved me so much I have to share with you some of what I saw this morning....

Frost even makes the weeds beautiful.
I love milkweed.

My self portrait ;-)
I know you've seen it before but I
just love my falling down barn.

Astro is so cute somedays!
I think the ice crystals are beautiful.
This is why I live in the country!


  1. Canada has four seasons and there are wonderful things to be seen in any month. As you have shown in your awesome pictures, beauty can be found in some of the smallest and most unexpected places. This is a good example of why we should look around more often in this great world of ours.

  2. Thanks Dorothy! I took 90 photos this morning in short order. Good thing I didn't post them all huh?!

  3. Post more!!! Whoop!