Thursday, November 17, 2011

Our Myth of Authenticity

Do not be satisfied with the stories that come before you.
Unfold your own myth.

This quote makes me think of authenticity and how difficult it can be to be true to ourselves. We all have labels and expectations that come with us and follow us through life. Our families label us the rebel, or the good girl, the athlete or the brainiac and it becomes something we don’t give any thought to until we discover a discomfort we weren’t really aware of.

We gather these labels starting in childhood and we continue with them through our school years and into our early adulthood without ever exploring if they’re what or who we really are. They become the myth of us, the myth of who we may or may not be.  We are a myth not only to others but to ourselves until we can stand outside the labels and expectations and decide if they are accurate and if we want to continue supporting them in our lives.

Once we begin to see ourselves as these labels or expectations then we have the option for a new myth. It is only a myth at this point because we’ve only just glimpsed a possibility of who we may really be or who we want to be. Until we begin to embody the myth is not the truth of who we are.

To fully feel our authenticity we need that distance between who we present ourselves to be and the who we long to be. We need to be able to see the differences and then we will find ourselves in a gentle spot from which we can choose the truth of who we are.  We choose authenticity just as we choose to believe a myth about ourselves and others.

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  1. Hey Lynne,
    The best part of this process is the discovery that we do not need to know who we are...we can just "be". Once that happens, everything else - labels, myths etc, fall away.