Wednesday, November 9, 2011

The Day We’ve Been Waiting For!

Not only do I try to notice life’s small pleasures and record them here I also often anticipate them and today is a day I’ve been waiting for for months. The corn in the field surrounding us is being combined.

Summer Corn

Our house is in a 100 acre field, and this year it was planted with corn. I’ve never really given corn a lot of thought – until this year. I don’t like being surrounded on three sides by it. It’s like having a 10’ sentinel around the house and yard all the time.

The corn yesterday

Last  fall and winter we used the field as our own back yard. We’d romp around it with the dogs, the girls and I would snowshoe almost every day (well, I snowshoed and they ran around!). When it’s not planted it’s like our property goes on and on and with the corn there since mid-spring we’ve been feeling a little closed in. Not anymore!

The combine

It’s a small thing for sure; but a big thing too. I’m really excited about it and now I can’t wait for the snow. Listening to the combine do its thing right now reminds me how much I love living here and how grateful I am to be able to step out of my door and have all the space I enjoy so much. 

After...isn't that better?!

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