Wednesday, November 23, 2011

The First Snow Fall

Yesterday morning was bright and sunny with clear blue skies and this morning is grey and blah....just like November is ‘supposed’ to be. I jumped out of bed this morning when I saw the snow. I love the first snow fall of the year and this one’s a good one!

Technically this would be our second snow fall because we had a crazy 15 minute storm one day last week that left mini snowballs everywhere, but they only stayed a few hours so it doesn’t really count in my books.

I was curious how Astro would react to the snow because she’s so skittish about everything but she bounded out and played like she remembered it from last winter. It was so much fun to watch the dogs romp around in the snow. I haven’t been out yet but I’m looking forward to a walk through the field with all the girls. It will be our first trip this year to the creek and I know it will be a barrel of fun.

I love our changeable weather – to me it’s one of the wonders of this part of the world. I can’t imagine every day being the same. I’ll take sunny and bright one day and a storm the next any day over sunny and warm all the time. 

My front yard Nov. 22nd.

My front yard Nov. 23rd.

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