Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Christmas Traditions

Today is a day I usually look forward to. My shopping is done with the exception of a few little things and my groceries, so I would normally spend today wrapping all the gifts and getting ready for Christmas.

Here’s my tradition for the day - I brew myself a pot of tea, get all the wrapping paper and supplies ready near the kitchen table and then bring down all the gifts. I crank up the Christmas music and start with Shane (because he came first) then I move on to Bradley, then the dogs, everyone else and then lastly Jon. I drink my tea and enjoy the process; if by chance I’m still wrapping as dinner approaches I might add just a little nip of whisky to my tea....things get very creative then.

This year apparently I’ve stepped a little out of my box. Things were not as they usually are. My power was turned off this morning because our electrical panel was updated and our hydro service buried in the yard. I wrapped with no lights, no Christmas music and no tea.

Sometimes change comes whether we want it or not. I still enjoyed the day (even without the whisky!) but it wasn’t the same peaceful day I usually have while getting ready for Christmas. Maybe next year I will shake up my routine because I did something different this year – you never know I guess, but then again... I doubt it. J

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