Friday, December 16, 2011

Simple Christmas Pleasures

Yesterday I was lamenting about how I’m not yet in the mood for Christmas. It’s funny how sometimes a small thing is all I need to change my perception.

Wednesday afternoon I went shopping with a friend and while we both managed to pick up a few things we spent most of the afternoon chatting and dreaming about new shoes. Towards the end of the afternoon I was handed a Christmas card and it got me thinking how most of us (yes – me too) have given up on the time honoured tradition of giving cards this time of year.

I put the card in my bag and then the bag went into my trunk and my car ended up staying in Kanata overnight Wednesday. When I picked up my car and took my packages into the house I remembered the card. We already have a couple of Christmas cards kicking around the house; one from our mortgage broker that doesn’t even say Merry Christmas or the more generic Happy Holiday all it says is “thanks for your business, we appreciate your referrals.” (Note my sarcasm!) We have one from the sales guy we buy most of our construction materials from...again, not very meaningful.

The card from my girlfriend is lovely as is the sentiment written in it. In one moment I was cranky and overwhelmed and the next moment I was feeling grateful and appreciative for both friends and the season. All it took was a thoughtful friend and a Christmas card. It makes me think we should go back to the tradition of sending cards; they really are simple Christmas pleasures we can all enjoy.

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