Monday, January 16, 2012

A Beautiful Winter Sky

Yesterday I had an unexpected day to myself. My guys were out doing their thing so I had several hours to myself and since it was a Sunday I took full advantage of it. Usually when I’m alone it’s a ‘work’ day so I feel like I need to be doing something useful and productive – but not on a Sunday!

I often lounge in the bath tub, but I often feel guilty about it too. Yesterday I lit one of the candles the boys gave me for my birthday, I cranked up the heater, I got not one book, but two, and I settled into the tub for a relaxing hour of solitude.

When I’m laying in the tub I have a perfect view of the sky and lately it’s been mostly gray and overcast but yesterday I noticed it was as blue as blue can be. It was brilliant like our sky can only be on a cold winter day and it got me daydreaming about all sorts of things. Usually I read when I’m relaxing in the tub and sometimes if my book is good I won’t even notice how cold the water has gotten until someone yells at me to see if I’ve drowned, but yesterday it wasn’t my book that had me captivated.

There really aren’t many things more beautiful than a winter sky and yesterdays transported me into a wonderful reverie where my house was complete, I had a new car, and where all was good in my world – what a great way to spend my hour of solitude. I got out of the tub feeling refreshed, relaxed and very positive about everything. I almost wish I had more Sunday afternoons to myself.

Ahhh....the view from my tub,
soon to change when my new
window (without the grills) is

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