Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Country Girl

Today I’m happy to be a country girl.

One of the things I enjoy the most about living in the country is the opportunity to share my life with wildlife. I enjoy all the different animals and birds we have on and around our property. Over the time we’ve been here we’ve seen lots of animals – but our most abundant visitors have to be the wild turkeys. This time of year they all but take over the surrounding fields with regular visits paid to us and the dogs.

Last winter there were hundreds of turkeys in the fields and they occasionally made their way through the edge of the yard or our front field. They sometimes got brave and wandered too close to Meg’s house and she’d scare them off by barking at them.

This year the turkeys are incredibly bold even though Hunter and Astro routinely chase them away. If the dogs aren’t out we often see the turkeys right up in the front day last week right up on the front steps.

We hear ting ting and realize it’s a turkey up knocking on the door; until Hunter realizes it too and starts her crazy killer barking. Some of the turkeys get scared off by the barking other ones just ignore the dogs until/unless they’re outside and they start chasing them.

I find it so amusing to watch turkeys run around and try to fly if we get too close. They’re not exactly graceful birds and they never fail to make me smile when I see them. We never know if we’ll have one or one hundred of them in the yard. Turkeys sure beat dead today I am once again happy to be a country girl. J

Turkeys across the yard - taken from the
kitchen window.
This gal is about 15 feet from the front door.
Run for your life!!
Astro keeping a close
eye on things.

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