Thursday, January 12, 2012

Shane’s 21!

19 days after I turned 22 my son Shane was born; and after a very difficult pregnancy I was so grateful to hold him in my arms and know he was healthy. I counted fingers and toes over and over again and wondered how I would know what to do to look after my precious bundle of joy.

One of the advantages to having children when you’re young is that you worry a little less about doing everything exactly right. When you’re not quite grown up yourself it’s a tiny bit easier to be less crazy about doing what all the “experts” tell you you should be doing.

Of course two of those “experts” are usually your mother and your mother in law, and in my case I was lucky on both counts; my mother didn’t input much unless she was asked and my mother in law did mostly what I asked her to do. I say that not to toot their horns but to point out how it’s nice to be understood and they both understood that I wanted to parent in my own way.

My whole life I imagined having children; in fact I often joke around that I planned two boys and I got the two boys I planned. I feel so incredibly grateful and honoured that Shane picked me to be his Mom. I think we’ve done a fine job of raising each other – I believe that; we grew up together and it’s been an amazing journey so far. I’m learning a lot and hope he is too.

I’m not sure where the last 21 years have gone; but I am sure how much I’ve enjoyed the ups and downs that have come from sharing my life with an amazing young man. I can only imagine what the next 21 years will hold – I love you Shane and I’m so proud of who you are and what you’re doing.

Happy 21st Birthday!!


  1. This. Was. Awesome. <3

  2. A lovely mother's tribute to "an amazing young man". Although you mention that you grew up with Shane, your mothering instincts clicked to give him enough guidlines to help him along the way and the freedom to be himself. You've done yourself proud! He's an amazing individual!

  3. Thank you ladies....he's the best!