Wednesday, February 29, 2012

An Extra Day

It’s February 29th – once every four years we get this extra day. I guess it’s not really extra since this year it’s showing up right in the middle of the week; but it feels extra.

The whole idea of an extra day seems both painful and wistful to me right now. My brother committed suicide 9 days ago – if we’d had one extra day together there are so many things I would have said.

I would have told him how much I love him.

I would have told him how proud I am of him.

I would have told him I need him here – with me.

I would have told him the world needs him here.

I would have told him what an awesome person he is.

I would have told him that it will all be ok.

I would have told him that I’m sorry.

I would have told him to keep dreaming.

I would have told him again and again how very much I love him.

What would you do if you really had an extra day? How would you spend it? Who would you spend it with? What would you say if you only had one day to say it?


  1. Lynne...
    First ... a big hug to help you heal {{{{{{{{{{{{<3}}}}}}}}}}}}}.
    I went back to your earlier posts after reading your Wishcasting Wednesday one on 14 March, trying to understand why there was so much pain in your heart and found it here.
    My heart aches for your loss, for the questions unanswered, and for all your extra day wishes.
    There is a blog I follow that may help you to not feel so alone in your grief and I will send you the links by email.

  2. Thanks really means a lot.