Friday, February 10, 2012

Bedside Table Books

“One sure window into a person’s soul is his reading list”  ~ Mary B.W. Tabor

You know how much I love a good quote and this one is especially good because it involves my favourite things....books and reading.

I only need to look through my library to know this is true. If you were to look through my books you’d have a very clear idea of who I am and what I value. Maybe that’s why I always get uncomfortable when I have people over and they go straight to the books shelves. I don’t like being that transparent. 

Most people don’t have as extensive a library as I do and I don’t think you need quite so many books to see into a person’s soul. Often just what we choose to have beside our beds can say a lot about who we are.

I have a few favourites that are always in the little book self beside my bed, these are my comfort books. They’re books I turn to when I need inspiration, comfort or just a feeling of familiarity.

I also usually have a bunch of books that I’m reading that come and go. I’m still working on several of the books I got for Christmas and they’re in this category.

I’m often asked what I read; so here are my permanent beside the bed books and what I’m currently working on.

What are your all time favourites or what you’re currently reading?

Permanent bedside books.
Current books.

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