Monday, March 19, 2012

My Staycation

I haven’t had a vacation in years...not so much as a weekend away. Lately I’ve found myself in desperate need of a holiday. Unfortunately a vacation isn’t in the cards right now and that got me thinking about why I need a vacation and what I can do about it.

What’s a vacation anyway? According to it’s a period of time devoted to pleasure, rest and relaxation. By that definition a vacation doesn’t need to be away from home; so with that in mind I’ve decided to go on a week’s staycation (for an official definition see here).

Compared to most people I spend my days with relative ease – I write, take pictures and look after the house. But what I really do all the time is look after the other members of my household. I spend my days looking after Jon, Bradley and the dogs. This means I spend all my time thinking, worrying and caring for other people. Now don’t get me wrong – I love my family and I enjoy looking after them, but even the most dedicated mom and wife needs some time to focus on herself.  

So for 7 days starting yesterday I’m saying yes to me. Instead of being on everyone else’s schedule I’m on my own. Instead of my life revolving around my family’s needs it’s going to revolve around my own. Wow! While this sounds wonderful in theory, I think it might turn out to be harder than I’m anticipating...we’ll see!

    I’m saying yes to:
  • Slow walks around the yard
  • Afternoon naps
  • Writing/journaling
  • Creativity
  • Relaxing
  • Reading
  • Lounging in the bathtub
  • ME

    I’m saying no to:
  • Sugar
  • Computer games
  • Schedules, other than my own
  • Dishes
  • Doing haircuts
  • Doing anything I just don’t feel like doing
  • Guilt

This might be an experiment as much as a staycation but that’s ok; it means I’ll learn a lot and who knows maybe one week of looking after myself will turn into a regular event....although maybe next year I’ll plan to do it somewhere besides at home. J

During my staycation this is my pretend view out ALL
of my windows - lol!   


  1. Good for you Lynne! If you don't fill your own well, you have nothing to give others. Enjoy :)
    Ace x

  2. Thanks Ace...easier said than done for me most days.