Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Passions Found

I’ve always envied and been drawn to people who have a passion in their lives; especially those that can manage to make a living doing what they love.

When I think of life’s passions I think of excitement and focus; I think of fulfillment and joy. I also think of the many different things that I’ve been passionate about over the years. I’ve played at and given up creative pursuits more times than I can count. I’ve decided on an amazing career path several times and then gone back to hairstyling. My only enduring passion has been books and reading – my forever friends.

I’m amazed at my guys, both of them have been passionate about playing football and Shane is still a passionate (some might even say obsessive) fan. He was always into science and math and now he’s pursuing them for a career.

Both the boys have dabbled in music over the years playing the guitar and now Bradley is making electronic dance music. It’s so much fun to always have music in the house. His dedication and focus is inspiring.

Here’s Bradley’s first demo...have a listen J


  1. Lynn, Hairstyling is a form or creative art and contribution to those whom come under your hands and combs, etc. ...with each and every one you allow them to feel their best after you style them. maybe a before and after photo book will inspire to help you find what it is you really want to do.. the Key is in there somewhere... I just know it somehow... as you wish I too wish with you.

  2. Hi Rosemary...Thanks for your comment. Hairstyling can be creative but mostly it's about customer service and often times cranky people. While I've enjoyed it enough to continue it for about 25 years it's not my calling - that I'm still looking for - lol!