Monday, April 16, 2012

Busy Weekend

We had a busy weekend here. Jon worked away on the removing the old siding and covering the house with aspenite to level it in preparation for the insulation and siding. He’s starting on the side of the house where the garden is already and where it’s going to be added to this year so I’m happy about that. The sooner I can get gardening the better! Right now all the garbage from the siding is right where the pond and new garden are going to go. 

You never know what you’re going to find when you’re renovating an old house. Yesterday when the siding came off we discovered critter holes in the house. Jon took it all in stride (of course), me, not so much. YUCK. I’ve been assured they’re really old holes; but still. L

Critter holes :-(

I decided a couple of weeks ago that we need a little pond between our two walkways leading up to the house. We’re eventually going to have a large pond in the front yard/edge of the field but I want something smaller that we can sit by and enjoy – something a little more intimate and close to the house. I’ve been pouring over a book Jon bought me and websites to plan exactly what I want; it’s been so much fun. It will likely be much later in the summer by the time we can get to it but I can’t wait and in the mean time I can make sure it’s all planned out thoroughly.

This is my inspiration’s much bigger and fuller than we’ll have but it’s the general idea of what we like. Very natural looking.

Image from

Over the weekend I finally got my pansies planted. I bought a few violas to go with them and I put them in my favourite trough planter. They look a little lonely in the yard but I feel like I’m making a statement with them. They say “A gardener lives here!” 

A gardener lives here...really!

There is so much mess in the yard and my only flower bed is currently hidden behind a big stack of lumber so my little pansy planter has a big job to do until the lumber moves and the yard gets cleaned up. While we work on the outside of the house and gradually get the yard cleaned up I have to work with what I’ve got. J