Wednesday, April 18, 2012

I Have a Neurotic Dog

Hello my name is Lynne and I have a neurotic dog. There I said it. I’ve failed as a doggie mum - first by getting a neurotic dog and second by letting her get so out of control. I should have known better; I really should have. I know dogs and I know what to look for and what’s good and what’s not but she was so darn cute she came home with us. And that’s all I have to say for myself about that!!

Who could resist that little face. Isn't she adorable? 

Yesterday Astro and I went to a canine behaviourist to hear (to the tune of $130) that my dog is in fact neurotic...well duh!! I already knew that – what I don’t know is how to fix her, because what we’ve tried hasn’t worked very well.

Here’s the answer...are you ready? It’s a biggie....cheese whiz. Yes, you read that correctly. Cheese whiz and a clicker are the answers to my prayers. I’m not too sure about this (as you might be able to tell), but I’m willing to give it a try.

I will keep you posted on our adventures in clicking and cheese whiz, and in the mean time if anyone has any great success stories I’d love to hear them.

She's getting ready to pounce...look out!


  1. Ours rules the roost or at least Ray, as you know she has been on a diet for the last 5 or so years. Has gained a bit, I think it is because after we have dinner we usually have a couple of oatmeal cookies, so does she and will bark until she gets them from Ray, in the evening around 10 she will bark at Ray or cry patheticly until he gives her a scoop of her diet food (making that her third meal for the day) If I had know barking & crying patheticly would work so well, I would have started it years ago.

  2. That's so funny...I can't see you doing that at all - leave the barking and crying to the dog! :)

    The whining is the biggest problem around here, it's all she does and it drives me batty. We'll see how it goes, we can always leave her outside with Meg if all else fails (not very likely!) lol

  3. Oh yes, that face. You never had a chance!