Monday, April 2, 2012

It Really is the Small Stuff

My week is off to a wonderful start. Jon got my clothesline up so I have my first laundry of the year on the line! Woo hoo! I have my first leaves of the year and when I went out to hang the laundry this morning I noticed a beautiful pattern of ice around our well.

It really is the small stuff that bring me joy! I’m very grateful.

Ahhh...clean sheets for Bradley.
Poor Astro tied up - she insists
on running away.
My first leaves - Yay!! Any suggestions on how to deal
with the mold that's already starting?  
I think the ice is so pretty.

I hope it's a great week for everyone!


  1. Nice blanket on the clothesline! :)

    1. It's funny, it's been on my chair since you gave it to me and when I took it off to wash this morning my chair feels weird!! That blanket has been so great for the chilly mornings when I'm writing..I'm almost looking forward to next fall - lol!!

    2. I'm so glad you liked it!