Monday, April 9, 2012

Messy Messy!!

My house is driving me a little nuts. When Jon and I tore down the storage room a few months ago everything in it had to move into the rest of the house so I have all that stuff in the library. Then I decided it was time to move Shane out of his big room and into our smallest so I could move my creative space into that room. Along the way I decided it was best to move Bradley into Shane’s room and me into his room so for the last several weeks our upstairs has been in disorder too.

Too much stuff...not enough storage.

Jon has been working away on the house – all but one door has been changed/installed and 15 of 19 windows have been changed or installed. The windows might have been changed but because we’re on a little bit of a time crunch the interior jam extensions and trim haven’t been installed yet so they look messy.

Yesterday afternoon Jon decided it was time to start ripping the old siding off to start getting ready for our new siding; which means the outside of the house is a big mess too. Our yard is still a big muddy mess with little or no grass......did I mention it’s all driving me a little nuts??

I have a relatively large capacity for mess and disorder but this is too much for me.  I have to remind myself every few minutes that things will get worse before they get better, but they will get better! It’s just a matter of what I do in the meantime? UG!!

P.S. Check out the little tent Jon made to save my tender plants....what a guy I married. He’s the best! J

See the tiny baby plants under there?


  1. I'm open to offers of help to pickup the old siding off the ground ;-) Seriously though, I really need to get one part complete, even if it's just one wall of the siding......