Thursday, November 29, 2012

Christmas at the Craft Store

I went into Michaels one evening last week to buy a specific item for a Christmas gift and I had to wander and poke around while I was there. Is there a more fun store anywhere?

The possibilities are endless.

So is the fun!

I love everything about Michaels....even the way it smells. This time of year as soon as the doors open you can smell Christmas. It’s a wonderful combination of cinnamon and apple pie. I think they must burn scented candles when the store is closed, lol!

My favourite section is the painting one – all the paints hanging and the brushes standing tall. It’s a rare day when I leave Michaels without a bag full of goodies.

I was tempted by the Christmas ornaments this visit; especially since they were on sale, but Jon and I have WAY more ornaments than we know what to do with already so I managed to pull myself away with only a couple of pictures. 

I can’t wait to get back and since I have Michaels gift cards on my Christmas wish list I’m hopeful it’ll be soon – right in time for boxing day sales maybe!! Yay!


  1. I understand the feeling! That's exactly how I feel in a fabric store that has great quilting fabrics. Just looking at all the paint and brush choices is a great way to lift your spirits. I bet you were smiling when you left the store.

    1. I was in fact smiling - just looking at the pictures was fun too!