Monday, November 12, 2012

Creative Circus - A Follow Up (but not the follow up)

Last week I wrote about my trip to the fabric store in Creative Circus and how much I enjoyed myself. I got several comments (and calls) about what a great husband I have because he went there with me.

Here is Jon’s equivalent of the fabric store....the scrap yard. I spend part of Saturday morning in the scrap yard because Jon wants a cab for our tractor so he doesn’t freeze while doing snow. A new cab for our tractor is about $5000 and he figures he can rig something up for about $1000, which meant a tour through the scrap yard looking for something appropriate.

This is what he's come up with.
The spider webs are included :)
What a pile of crap..I mean scrap ;)
And a little more.

I think Jon had more fun at the fabric store than I did at the scrap yard – although it’s hard to tell from this picture. J

Seriously - he looked happier
at the fabric store!!

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