Friday, November 2, 2012

Creative Circus

I’m in the process of re-upholstering a chair that has been in my family for years and years. I painted it and I’ve been undecided about whether or not to antique the finish so I thought I’d go to the fabric store to see what I could find in the way of fabric that I like.

I figure my fabric choice will help me to decide on the final finish for the chair.

I haven’t been to a fabric store in years and years. I forgot how much I love them! They’re like a creative circus...there is soooo much to choose from. It’s hard to know where to start.

Seriously - how much fun is this?!
The chair used to be a dark mahogany colour with an ugly rose coloured velvet seat and I painted it pure white with Annie Sloan chalk paint, which you can by in town now at Malenka Originals. It didn’t turn out quite like I’d hoped so I’ve been trying to figure out what to do with it.

I thought maybe a bold zebra print might make it fun, but I want to put it in the bedroom and Jon didn’t like that idea so I decided to drag him to the fabric store with me to help decide on the look.

And more choices
This is what happened, too many choices and an almost crazed husband. FYI, your husband and the fabric store – not a great idea!!

A crazed hubby
I haven’t figured out which fabric I like the best; but here are my favourites so far....

It's hard to tell but this is actually purple!

Not quite the original zebra that I was thinking of, but still awesome.
Although, that said, I also like this one....

It's just beautiful!

I will show you how it turns out once I get it done.

If you have any thoughts or opinions - let me hear them!J


  1. Hey Lynne,
    Great idea. I have not been in a fabric store since I was a teenager either...I definitely am going to sounds like fun. LOL - funny pic of least he's a sport and actually went. That chair is beautiful...I would have kept the richness of the wood vs. painting it white..however, white will accent any fabric you choose for the posterior. Happy refinishing. Cheers.

    1. Hi Colleen,
      Jon is a most excellent husband - he lets me drag him pretty much anywhere, lol!
      My grandfather finished the chair about 60 years ago and my grandmother did the upholstery. I hear you about the wood but I'm a paint everything white kinda girl. Literally if I could get away with it everything in my world would be white. I haven't been able to so far with boys and dogs and Jon, but I'm starting to now. I'm even contemplating painting our floors white!!

  2. Jon probably feels more comfortable, as most men do, in a hardware or building store so that was great he was willing to go into unknown territory. That's a great looking chair and if you do decide to paint it white, the purple would be a good choice, not the zebra. You might find you'll grow tired of the flowered. But then again you could always change it again. Good luck with your project!

    1. Hi Dorothy,
      I'm leaning towards the purple too - you know how much I like purple, lol. The chair is already white and I think you're right about not going with the zebra; although I really like it so I might have to find something else to do with it!