Monday, December 10, 2012

What a Weekend!

Jon spent the weekend starting work on our woodstove hearth. It’s hard to tell by looking at these pictures though. The weekend wasn’t long enough for him to get everything’s always the way. L

What a mess!
The first bit coming up - with Astro supervising.

When you live in an old house like ours one job is never only one job and the work is never done.

Our old living room floor has to come up first so the concrete hearth can be poured in place.

Jon's moving so fast he's blurry!

I love (really love) old wood and I wasn’t sure what to expect when Jon pulled up our old shitty hardwood. When he got some of the floor ripped up and I could see the boards underneath I got very excited, but try as I might – and I did try (A LOT!), Jon wouldn’t lift them too.

Just looking at the old pine I can see beautiful furniture. I can picture a big harvest table for our kitchen and maybe a bench for the garden. Jon was not interested in my fantasies and covered the old boards with plywood as fast as he could. He’s more interested in getting the work done than adding furniture making to his to-do list.

Absolutely beautiful....can you see a harvest table? 
Damn plywood.
Jon tells me we can buy reclaimed wood when the time comes – I ask him why we’d buy it when we have it here. You know how every marriage has its permanent disagreements? Well this is ours – keep all the old wood we come across for future projects (me) and NO (him). I guess if that’s all we disagree on we’re doing alright! J

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