Friday, February 22, 2013


I asked myself on Tuesday in February Blahs if buying myself a bouquet was enough to get me out of my funk.

It wasn’t...but it helped.

I spent ages looking over the flowers at the grocery store trying to decide which flowers I liked the best. Jon was with me and I tested his patience with the amount of analyzing I did trying to find just the right bouquet. I usually prefer soft colours like white, pinks, lavender but Tuesday I decided bold was better.

I picked a vibrant fuchsia posy of dyed carnations. They’re stunning.

I’m not sure if the flowers helped perk me up or if it was just the time I spent photographing them that helped by taking my mind off things for a bit. Honestly, I don’t care which it was – I have beautiful flowers that make me feel good and some great shots too.

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