Monday, March 4, 2013

Fun Stuff

Jon and I decided at the New Year that we need to have more fun. We’re both homebodies and we (mostly) prefer to stick to our routines; but routines have a way of getting boring after a while so we’re shaking it up.

A little bit at a time. 

It’s taken us a while, but we’ve come up with a list of things we’re going to do in 2013. I have to admit that I came up with most of these things for myself and a few for both of us and Jon came up with a few that are mostly for him. But that said we’re going to do many of them together.

1.  52 new movies
2.  Get a passport (me)
3.  Road trip
4.  Real trip
5.  Photograph light houses in Eastern Ontario
6.  Dye my hair a zany colour
7.  Use my airbrush (that I’ve had for a couple of years)
8.  Sell a photo (fingers crossed)
9.  Shane and Bradley tattoos
10. Eat an ethnic food I’ve never tried
11. Grow and avocado, citrus and pineapple tree
12. Pierce my ears again
13. Try zumba
14. Learn Photoshop (at least a little)
15. Random act of kindness
16. Create a time capsule
17. Start a business
18. Hoop for at least one short song
19. Shoot at least one roll of film
20. Go to the NAC for at least one performance
21. Grow tea
22. Grow lavender
23. Grow heather
24. Get a massage
25. 24, 48 hour and 7 day computer sabbatical
26. 24 (or more) hours of silence
27. Walk a labyrinth or install ours
28. Camp in a tent
29. Try kayaking

The only thing we’ve done so far is watch a bunch of movies; but as soon as spring gets here we’ll knock a few more things off the list.

Stay tuned! J

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