Monday, March 25, 2013

Staycation Follow up

I'd like to say I'm a week late in reporting on my staycation because I took a second week but unfortunately that's not the case. My computer died and at first I took it as a little break from too much time on the computer, then it got really irritating and I tried to fix it....then I started sharing Jon's computer.

It doesn't work. I need my own computer. Yes I said need. I am a person who is completely aware of the difference between needs and wants and I NEED my own computer!! There I said it; tangent over, now we can move on. :-)

All in all my staycation was a little better than last year but it had very little do with design and more to do with happenstance. And I 'm ok with that. With Bradley in Punta Cana and Jon busy with his own stuff I didn't need to be on any schedule at all and that was really my goal.

I read 4 novels and 1 'real' book. I lounged in the tub every day. I slept in a couple of days and even better I went to bed early twice. I puttered around the house and did some more organizing. I started painting again and I listened to Led Zeppelin at full volume several times. All good stuff!

I'm not feeling as rested as I might like to be but I am feeling good. Although I didn't get away from home it was nice to take a few days mostly for myself and I feel better for it.

Since spring is around the corner (it has to be...right?!) I'm feeling good with garden anticipation and dreams of flowers and warm breezes running through my mind so I'll be good now until fall, when if all goes well Jon and I will be able to get away for our anniversary.

In the mean time garden planning is taking centre stage and that's almost as awesome as the garden itself.


Hurry Spring. Hurry!

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