Thursday, March 14, 2013

Studio Overhaul

Got my work shoes on
and I'm good to go!

My studio is a mess...a big mess!

Where stuff is going (for now.)

I decided just before Christmas to take over the living room as my studio so I’d have more space and then I chickened out. (That’s the only way to tell you honestly why it didn’t happen.) Which meant I needed to seriously get organizing my space if I was going to make it workable for me. As you can see from the above image I was a little lax in that department. 

Here’s my excuse – I signed up for an art course.

I decided to take LifeBook 2013 way back in October. I signed up and I was so excited but then January came and all of a sudden I wasn’t excited anymore. Resistance set in.

I have about a million excuses as to why I haven’t started it yet. First it was a lack of supplies and then it was too cold in the studio, then it was the mess and the lack of space. Blah, blah, blah...bullshit.

Do you ever get tired of your own crap? I do, I did this week. I decided that if I really wasn’t going to take over the living room to have the space I need I’d like, then I needed to get serious about tidying and organizing the space I do have.

Getting there.
There was a lot of stuff on my table!

I stepped into the studio on Monday and I was completely overwhelmed by the mess and all the stuff I don’t have space for so I immediately stepped back out. Monday evening I was putting the girls out after dinner and I figured out my storage issues – just like that! We have an old filing cabinet that my in laws gave us a while ago that doesn’t fit our files so it’s been waiting patiently for Jon to take it to the scrap pile. I’m going to spiff it up with a new paint job and then I’ll be good for storage (at least for now, lol.)

I will show you that transformation as soon as I get to it. In the mean time I’ve been working away and I’m actually making great progress.

Look what I found, an unfinished floorcloth!!
I am seriously getting the hang of this organizing stuff, Yay!

Stay tuned for updates! J

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