Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Signs of Spring

Here are 10 signs that tell me spring has actually arrived in my little slice of heaven.

1.  I'm wearing my wellies when I'm out in the yard.

 2.  This is why I'm wearing my wellies in the yard.

3.  Vast bodies of water.

 4.  Astro enjoying our 'ponds'.

5.  Astro checking out every single new smell.

 6.  New buds on the apple trees.

7.  New buds on the maple trees.

8.  The protective teepees have come off the trees.

9.  A messy/dirty kitchen floor no matter how much we wipe the girls down.

10. And finally - the very best sign of all.....flowers are starting to grow!!

P.S. I haven't been around much lately because my computer died and with it went all my files, photos and software. I'm currently sharing Jon's while I figure out what to do with/about mine so please bear with me.

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