Thursday, June 20, 2013

My Summer Garden

It's almost summer and my garden is doing well. I guess it's all the rain we've had so far.

Here's what's happening right now....

You know how much I love columbine, they're just so sculptural.

I waited 3 years for iris and for peonies - look what's finally here!!

My Mother's Day roses are just about to bloom.

My yarrow is on the way to blooming too.

My violets are still a riot of colour - thanks to mostly cool days so far.

I've got more sweet william than ever.

And since you know I don't discriminate and all flowers are welcome I also have one wee buttercup. Maybe more to come?


  1. You can come put in a garden for me anytime! What gorgeous, gorgeous blooms. Thanks for sharing your garden.

    1. Thank you - gardening/flowers are my (crazy obsessive) passion! If you were nearby I'd happily come and garden at your home. If there's spare dirt or empty grass somewhere I'm game! :)

  2. You are so lucky to have all these beautiful flowers available and to know their names.

    1. Thanks Cheryl - I love flowers more than (just about) anything!

  3. Fantastic pictures! What an array of colour and shapes!