Monday, June 10, 2013

Sunshiny Day!

We've had so much rain around here the last few weeks that when yesterday was sunny it was like coming out of hibernation (again).

Jon's parents sold their farm almost 3 years ago and when they did some of the plants were transplanted here. I'm a very patient gardener and I've been waiting for the iris and peonies to bloom for those 3 years.

I got an iris blossom this weekend! I was so excited I dashed out and took pictures at 6:45 am...on a Sunday!!

Peonies will be next. And I can't wait for them either!

We got a lot done around here this weekend.

The whole yard mowed, the front walk done, the seedlings planted. There's always more to do but it was a really nice weekend.

The front walkway is looking good.
A wee visitor.
Annoying, but beautiful too.
I love columbine!
I really, really do :)
I also love iris..
especially the first one.
Look at this little guy...
randomly growing in
the walkway.
Weeds...but pretty too.


  1. How beautiful! I used to have a print of irises that moved with me from apartment to apartment. No idea where it is now, LOL. And good for you for 3 years of patience!

  2. Gardening is about the only place I'm patient so I try to relish it....and grow it!