Thursday, July 18, 2013

What's Happening in the Garden

Between all the bugs (they are terrible this year!) and the heat I've been seriously neglecting my gardens. They're in a shameful state. I honestly think I have more weeds than flowers this year. Every morning I get up with the intention of doing some weeding and everyday I find something to do in front of a fan instead.

Yesterday we had a hell of a storm that took it's toll in all my beds. A good portion of my flowers are laying down and a couple of my glads seem to be broken off at the soil. My fingers are crossed that they all perk up as they dry off.

Last year I was out taking photos everyday - this year I'm lucky if I get out there once a week :(

Here a few shots I took this morning.....

I'm loving my cone flowers.

We've had a few visitors.

A Rosebreasted Grosbeak striking a pose for me! 

One I'm not too happy to see - eating my dahlias!!

And I've have a couple more firsts for me...

1st Dahlia blossom ever.
1st Malva grown. 
1st Stargazer grown from bulb here.

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