Monday, September 16, 2013

Love One Another

These last few weeks have been crazy stressful. Bradley and I getting ready for school, getting him to Kingston and settled into his dorm, getting Shane out of his house in Kingston and then trying to get used to the daily grind again.

It's been many years since I had to get myself up and moving and out of the house. It's been many years since I've had homework and papers to write. It's been many (many) years since I had a house with no kids in it.

Change is hard.

And it's made me a wee bit cranky and short tempered.

On Sunday Jon and I went out for our weekly breakfast date and I could feel myself being uptight and irritable. I bit his head off for absolutely nothing besides tension relief and immediately felt even shittier. Looking around the restaurant we go to every week something caught my eye and just like that my mood was changed.

We often realize how something small can piss us off or ruin a perfectly good day, but we rarely pay attention to the little things that change our moods or make our days.

This was mine yesterday.....

Sometimes it really is that simple.

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