Thursday, November 21, 2013

The Making of a Personal Manifesto - Part 1

I've wanted to make a personal manifesto for ages. I've been thinking about it since I took my business management course when I was pregnant with Bradley (yes - that's right...19 years ago). I've always said it takes me a while to think things through and there's the proof. ;-)

Over the last year of so I've had a note book that I've dashed thoughts/ideas/quotes/beliefs in that I intended to turn into my manifesto. It all seemed easy and I assumed that when I was ready it would all come together easily. I was wrong. It's been incredibly challenging to get my thoughts to come together in a way that feels cohesive and real.

I think if we're asked, or we take a moment to think about our values we can all come up with what's most important to us. The first few come really easily - our families, our marriages or partnerships, probably our health. After those ones the rest take some thought. It requires digging deep and being honest with ourselves.

I've had an ongoing list of things that are important to me and as the number started to creep up towards 20 I had a realization. While all the things on my list are important to me they're not all the foundation from which I want to build my life on. My deepest values are what make me me and they're what form my life and help me to make the best choices and decisions.

To put my manifesto together I need to be very clear about what my true values are. They are the foundation from which everything else grows.

When I get it complete, my manifesto will list my values, my purpose, how I want to show up in the world, how and where I want to contribute, some goals/intentions for the coming year and it will guide me and my decisions toward my highest and best life.

I'm going to continue to work on my personal manifesto and I'll tell you how it's going as I  move through the work on it, but for now....

Let me ask you - have you thought of these things for yourself? Do you know what's truly most important to you? Do you live your life from a place of awareness and grounded in your truth? I'm finding these questions to be challenging and at the same time life changing. I love that I'm still learning new things about myself and that I can still change and grow.

I hope you'll join me in asking and answering these questions; and remember I'd love to hear your thoughts.

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