Monday, February 10, 2014

Another Confession and a Farm Tour

I have another confession to make. 

I’ve fallen in love again. 

And he’s even younger than Jon ;-)

He’s one of the sweetest guys I’ve met in a long time. He’s just like I like them...big and gentle. His name is Alibi and if I could, I’d bring him home with me.


Jon and I have been tossing the idea of farming around for a long time now and with that in mind friends of Jon’s (and new friends of mine) invited me over to see their farm and their new calves. I spent the most amazing time at Spring Valley Farm yesterday afternoon. The James family was gracious and patient with me and all my questions. What fun I had exploring the barns and taking pictures of the cutest wee animals ever. Who would have thought that calves would be snugly?

This wee guy was not quite 24 hours old!

Momma looking out for her new guy.

When I was a tiny girl I went to a farm with my grandfather and tried to bring home a new calf. Although I remember the day I didn’t remember why I wanted a calf so badly until yesterday. They really are the sweetest little things.

I can only assume they were all curious about me at the same time, lol!

Seriously...don't you just want to snuggle? 

I left there feeling as though I had made a few new friends (animal and human alike), and with enough information to keep me thinking for days about whether or not farming is right for me.

Thank you Mrs. James, Glen and Sheila...and faithful farm dog Ozzy.

Ozzy looking for some attention.


  1. What sweet pictures!! I could feel your connection to them.

    1. Awe...thanks Jeanine. There is not a better thing you could possibly say to me!!