Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Living the Good Life

What does it mean to me to live a good life?

I've been actively asking and answering some version of this question for as long as I can remember.

The answer has certainly changed through the years. When I was a young woman I would have answered working hard and playing hard; or I would have said being healthy and working out made a good life. When my boys came along I would have answered being present with them as they grew. As they grew it became about getting the house and the car and all the “right” things.

Each time I watch THE VIDEO I'm amazed at all the different answers. I'm inspired by the differences in us and I'm reminded that there are as many different paths to a good life as there are people looking for one.

Now when I ask myself what it means to me to live a good life the answer feels simple. It means being true to who I know myself to be. It means living with intention. It means living in congruence with what's most important to me.

While the answer feels simple to me, I know it's not always simple or easy to live a good life. It takes work. It takes desire. It takes knowing what we need and want. And it takes courage - Some days it takes a lot of courage. But is it worth it?

I'm sitting in my old log house with no neighbours in sight, my wood stove is keeping me warm, my dogs are outside chasing the wild turkeys and my afternoon will be spent designing my vegetable gardens and working on my soon to be website – so all I can say is a resounding YES; it is definitely worth it!!


  1. Awesome, Lynne! I love your picture. It makes me feel all warm inside, like all is right with the world. <3

    1. Thanks Julie - that's pretty much how I feel these days :-)